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New Auto-Flight System

Author : SigloMax Date : 10/19/2015 6:01:17 PM
Dear Customers,

After half-year hard work,the new auto-flight system is ready now,compared to the simple autopilot,the new auto-flight system finished five improvements.

Pilots not only can fly at fixed altitude,but he can choose the desired altitude from his transmitter;

Failsafe added to the new system,which will help to save the airplane from lost;third,auto-accelerating to higher altitude,the system will defect how high your aircraft flying at and if too low,it will accelerate automatically to a safe altitude,which will increase the safety alot.

Auto-gliding to land,when your throttle is pretty low,don't have enough power,the system will automatically glide to land.

Finish all setting from your transmitter and no need to PC or laptop.

Improved 3D and Balance flight,more stable.

Let's make improvement together and enjoy happy flight!

SigloMax Tec.