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How to Start in Helicopter models?

First:Choose the correct models for yourself.

The Helimodelismo is the field that requires a little more dedication because this is a bit more extensive in its basic theory and also a bit more expensive than the existing model airplane field located within the same level .In today's global market there are many brands of companies manufacturing radio controlled helicopters. Among the most recognized, we have Excell (USA ) Hirobo (JAPAN ) , Raptor , Aling ( Taiwan ) , Groupner ( Germany) Kyosho (JAPAN ) ; but there have been quantified in many events the inclination of people with a specific brand of radio controlled helicopters and their experiences with those brands. This inclination of people is very important since it will contribute a lot to those helicopter novices that learning time will be greatly reduced , this refers specifically to the novice that not have to find out for themselves many unknowns that would take additional time to understand it , analyze it and then practice it.

Actually the myths you heard about the difficulty to fly radio controlled helicopters to learn how to operate them are false, because there are people who could not learn to fly a rc plane , but are currently flying helicopters. That's why we can say that the ability of flying any radio-controlled models depends on yourself, there are many factors, such as love for flying, d edication and safety that has in itself. People who want to start in the helimodelismo always ask how long could learn ?The answer is : That depends on you , your natural abilities and other minor factors . Some people could learn to fly basic actions in two weekends without any problems, but there are others that take up to six weekends . This is not the only situation in Helimodelismo ,it  happens in model aircraft and other branches of Radio Control too.

The radio-controlled helicopters have taken a major turn in its technological lead and versions that are available of  fuel engines GLOW  , versions for four-stroke engine that also work with GLOW fuel type , engine versions for working with gasoline normal ,turbine version and electric versions eventually .


The technology applied to radio-controlled helicopters has changed dramatically in respect to it’s development. on one side, there are mini helicopters,like the size of a hand palm and on other side,there are ones work with  micro turbines. It is important to know what is the suitable version for a novice that he will initialize in helimodelismo. and this is totally different from those who have reached a mediate level or high level skill of flying since some versions helicopters do not meet the necessary requirements such as making certain maneuvers demanding . So the best option for you is not to make mistakes in choosing the ideal model for yourself , do trying to go too fast and analyzing the options available to you . So we will explain in details of the information you need so you can make your own decision certainly.

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