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How to flash firmware for STORMBGC32bits gimbal controller?

 APM2.6 Compass Calibration.

After 3.0 version,the calibration of compass has become more restrctive,correct calibration of compass is essential.
1.Calibration method is very simple,open HARDWARE,then choose compass as showing in the attached picture.
2.Then tick Enable and Auto.dec
4.It reminds that it will collect datas for 60 seconds,click ok.
5.Turn the 6M GPS module around each surface slowly,back and frond,up and down,right and left.
6.60seconds later,it will appear some datas,please pay attention to the last ones.It must ensure that the last digital is between -150 and 150.If not,recalibrate it.
7.The system will save the datas automatically.

Attention:to get the bass calibration result,it's necessary to avoid the affect of battery,motor and ESC.If you can't get calibration correct,do it outdoors,away from affecting source.

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How to connec 3AX Practical Stabilization System with your receivers and servos?

The connection of 3AX with your receiver and servos is very easy.

1.As showing in the above diagram,the signal input is connected to the corresponding channels on your receiver,the SW is connected to Gear.And the signal output is connected with your servos.If you have two aleron servos,you can use a Y-cable to connect them.

2.After connection,please choose correct mode for you model,T1 is for normal airplane,T2 for delta(flying wing) and T3 is for V-tail.

3.Then power on to start the initialization and check if the direction of compensation is correct and gain value is ok.If not,change it.